How to Assemble

Once you’ve purchased your TV Sizer on PayPal, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Download

A link to the TV Sizer PDF file will be sent to your PayPal registered email address. 

It can also be downloaded by clicking here and entering your order number and PayPal email address. 

2. Print

Print the TV Sizer PDF file on A4 paper. 

Print in either Black and White or Colour. 

And print on one side.

3. Assemble

Assemble the TV Sizer as shown in the video below. 

Use tape to attach the pages. 

Follow the numbering order below – there is a number printed in the corner of each page.

Assemble: Numbering Order

TV Sizer - How to Assemble

Check out this video to see how easily the TV Sizer can be assembled at home

TV Sizer


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