About Us

Who are we?

We are Rich and Anum and we hope our tool, the TV Sizer, can help you answer that all important question: 'How big a TV should I buy?'  

We recently moved into our new home and encountered a common issue when deciding on a TV to buy. 

We knew we wanted a smart, curved, 4k set but had no idea which screen size to choose. 

We were both keen to buy a large TV to enjoy watching our favourite TV shows, but were concerned about ruining the look of our living room with a television that was too large.  

The issue

After trying (and failing) to use a tape measure as an indicator of size, we were not inspired with confidence and looked for another solution. 

We searched online for a tool that could help us but quickly realised there was no such product. 

There were some TV buying guides and online calculators – but nothing to give us a good, reliable indicator of how a large a TV would look in our home.

The solution

We felt we could create our own tool, and the TV Sizer was born.  

As you can see in these photos, we were able to use the TV Sizer’s 55 inch template to confidently choose our TV, which has been a fantastic fit for our home.  

We now hope the TV Sizer can help you to find an equally well-sized television for your own home!

Our Favourite TV Shows

The Wire

The Sopranos

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones


Band of Brothers


  • Various chronicles of deception, intrigue and murder in and around frozen Minnesota. Yet all of these tales mysteriously lead back one way or another to Fargo, ND
  • Amazon:
  • Info:

The Night Of

Better Call Saul

The Man in the High Castle

  • A glimpse into an alternate history of North America. What life after WWII may have been like if the Nazis had won the war
  • Available on Amazon Prime
  • Info:

Mr Robot


  • A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him
  • Available on Amazon Prime
  • Info:

True Detective

The Shield


Stranger Things

  • When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back.
  • Available on Netflix
  • Info:

Black Mirror


  • A Western-themed futuristic theme park, populated with artificial intelligence, allows high-paying guests to live out their fantasies with no consequences or retaliation from the android hosts, until now. 
  • Available on Amazon Video
  • Info:

The Killing


The Fall

Boardwalk Empire

Peaky Blinders

Sons of Anarchy

House of Cards

Mad Men

Downton Abbey

Marvel's Daredevil


Walking Dead

The Office (UK)

  • The story of an office that faces closure when the company decides to downsize its branches. A documentary film crew follow staff and the manager Brent as they continue their daily lives. 
  • Amazon:
  • Info:

Peep Show

  • Mark and Jez are a couple of twenty-something roommates who have nothing in common - except for the fact that their lives are anything but normal. Mayhem ensues as the pair strive to cope with day-to-day life.
  • Amazon:
  • Info:

I'm Alan Partridge

  • Alan Partridge a failed television presenter whose previous exploits had featured in the chat-show parody Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge, and who is now presenting a programed on local radio in Norwich.  
  • Amazon:
  • Info:

Phoenix Nights

  • The misadventures of club owner Brian Potter who is determined to make The Phoenix Club the best working men's club in Greater Manchester.  
  • Amazon:
  • Info:


Curb Your Enthusiasm

All Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB scores correct as at Jan 2017.